Volume 18,1Q2013 – Meaningful Metrics for the Next Generation

Meaningful Metrics for the Next Generation
Authored by Nancy Cockerell

PATA corporate members: Complimentary
PATA members Complimentary
Chapter members US$225
Non-members US$300
Note: Corporate members include Allied Partner Level I, Aviation Level I, Aviation Level II (International Airport), Corporate, Government Level I, Premier Partner, Preferred Partner, Strategic Partner


Visitor Economy is a broad subject, which is not solely for the tourism industry. The infrastructure, job development and capital investment will be stimulated, which creates a better economy to a destination. In combination with travel and tourism, more effective thoughts will be given to the next generation for the next step.

In this issue of the Issues & Trends, the Visitor Economy will be explained with travel and tourism in its center. The subject will be more clear with many elaboration, as its value is of importance to many different industries.