Stepping Out of the Crowd

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Given that the rise in global tourism is set to be driven by young travellers, especially from countries in the Asia Pacific region, how will the world’s most popular destinations cope with the rising tide of tourists, and how can destinations still ensure they give travellers the high-quality experience they expect?

The second of PATA’s series of reports focussing on young travellers, Stepping Out of the Crowd provides valuable insights on the behaviour of Asian Millennial travellers while pushing the debate forward on how the tourism sector can help enthusiastic young travellers to explore further in order to ease pressure on already-crowded visitor attractions.

Overcrowding is threatening some of the world’s unique heritage attractions and causing problems for residents in many of the world’s most popular cities. As a result, questions are urgently being asked of the tourism sector on how to improve destination management, and ensure that visitors’ spending is spread more widely. In response to this, Stepping Out of the Crowd provides a range of valuable insights and recommendations on how to encourage first-time travellers to explore more widely and go ‘off the beaten track’.

Main features: 

  • Unique consumer research from Millennials in 13 outbound markets across Asia on their attitudes toward trip planning, city visits and escaping the city
  • Data from the PATA five year forecast to show how international arrival arrivals will affect APAC destinations in the coming years
  • Data and opinion from 14 market-leading tourism organisations, travel brands and influencers on how to set out an effective dispersal strategy
  • Recommendations to public and private sector organisations on how to create more effective and rewarding products that encourage dispersal for Asian Millennial travellers

The research for this report has been generously sponsored by Visa Worldwide.