Annual Tourism Monitor 2018 Final Edition

PATA corporate members: Complimentary
PATA members US$650
Chapter members US$1000
Non-members US$1300
Note: Corporate members include Allied Partners (National), Aviation – Levels I & II, Corporates (International & Multinational), Governments – Level I, Governments – Level II (National), Preferred Partners, Premier Partners, Strategic Partners



International visitor arrivals (IVAs) into the 47 Asia Pacific destinations continued to grow at better than the global average in 2017, reaching a record volume high of more than 646 million arrivals relative to 2016.

The strong collective performance of Asia Pacific destinations in 2017 appears to be continuing into 2018 as well. Early results for 2018 show a collective annual increase in foreign arrivals into Asia Pacific destinations of 8.7%, adding more than 25 million additional arrivals to the total inbound count during the first periods of 2018 relative to the same period of last year.

Find out how each of the Asia Pacific destinations performs and who are the top feeders of visitor traffic to your destination in this Final Edition of the ATM 2018.

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